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Title:  Catharsis (sold as a set)

Catharsis means feeling better after the realease of strong emotions.  This set feels just that way, that calm, peaceful, everything is OK kind of feeling.  Let go of perfection and see the beauty within - why I started this journey called art. 

Size:  each piece is 20.5x24 inches.

Materials:  Shaved Alder Wood, shims, Acrylics, framing wood, finishing varnish.

Framing:  Handmade by me, a permanent part of the overall artwork.  The wood has mild distressing to flow with the strokes on the wood.  Each piece is wired and ready to be hung.


Wood wall art, reclaimed wood, large abstract painting, distressed furniture, Large abstract art, wood wall art, distressed wood, modern art, industrial art, townhouses, landscape art, contemporary painting, sculpture, shims, shim art, abstract painting


  • All original artwork is professionally packaged, costs covered by Woodscape Art. 





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