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Sallie Otenasek is an American artist who found her connection with wood to be the launching point of a second life career.  She paints not only on traditional pressed panels but on raw, cracked, peeling, ready-for-the-firepit wood.  “With the wood, I live in a world of imperfections and unwritten rules where I am able to transform the ordinary into treasure.  For a girl who placed unattainable perfection standards on herself most of her life, this new world brings me comfort, acceptance, and the power to let go.”

Gallery Representation:

  • Gallery 104, New York, New York (Selected top 20 artists by Gallery July 2018)

  • Gallery 50 – Rehoboth, Delaware (Solo show September 2018)


  • British Vogue 2018

  • British GQ 2018

  • British Home and Garden 2018

  • House of Cocoa 2018

Jewelry Line Launch Fall 2018

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