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How to put on a Wrap

How to put on a woodscape wrap bracelet

How to size your wrist


1. hold bracelet so the Love bead is looking at you.

2. start wrapping around smallest part of wrist.

3. Hook the end so that the fit is loose, not too tight

4. Adjust strands the way you want them.  All beads are movable.

Woodscape wrap bracelets are designed to wrap 4 times around the wrist fitting sizes 5.5" - 7".  To measure your wrist, take a piece of string and wrap around smallest part of wrist.  Then measure the length of the string with a ruler.  If your wrist size is larger than a 7, please send us a note when checking out, we will add additional links.  If your wrist is smaller than 5.5", let us know and we will adjust bracelet accordingly.

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